Digital Power is Calling

The Digital Power Explorer Kit has been developed for analog power supply designers and embedded software programmers who need to accelerate their learning curve in digital power control  ... more

Gleanergy Kit

Our Gleanergy demonstration kit will be released Q3 2016. If you are as excited as us for the launch, please sign up on our waitlist and receive ordering information once the kit is available  ... more

The Complete USB 2.0 EMI & ESD Solution

You have trouble with noise on your USB 2.0 interface and don’t know how to solve it? We have the solution for you.
... more

Wireless Power Transfer Solution To Go

Complete evaluation boards for fast integration of Wireless Power in your product design without any problems  which meet the Qi Standard of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)   ... more

Highspeed Connection to the World

This demonstration kit is made to show the simplicity of an Ethernet design. Easily expand your existing application by using the XWAYTM PHY11G. All you need is a μC with RGMII or SGMII interface, the XWAYTM PHY11G and an integrated LAN transformer ... more

Energy Harvesting Solution To Go Design Kit

Complete solution from harvesting of the energy, energy management and storage, easy transfer of this solution to your design and evaluation of the highest efficient components in the market
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Fast Design of Filter Circuits

These PCB boards facilitate the design of different filters with SMD components and the testing under real conditions.

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