Solid State Relays

Regarding size and pin arrangement the solid state relays are compatible with conventional ISO Mini relays. They are suitable for switching lamp loads and resistive or inductive loads. Moreover, they are:

  • Short circuit protected
  • Overload protected
  • Protected against overheating

Compared to a fuse the solid state relays switch faster in case of short circuit and they have a low standby current demand. The semiconductor relays can be used as amplifiers for low power PWM output as well as be directly driven by sensors, due to their logical and low power input stage.


  • Avoiding
    • Inductive load of the switching output
    • Contact bounce
    • Moving parts
    • Mechanical wear on the switching contact
    • Switching noise
  • Direct control by driver logic
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • High shock and vibration protection
  • Generating no magnetic fields or electrical interference
  • Supports PWM
Technical Data
General Information
Housing ISO Mini Relay
Connector 9 pins DIN
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 30 mm
Weight ~ 20 g (4 A), ~45 g (15/25 A)
Operating temperature -40 °C to 80 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to 80 °C
Ingress protection IP 53
Input voltage 9 to 30 V DC
Output current 4, 15 or 25 A (see below)
Pre-fusing 5 A
Quiescent current 100 µA
Switch frequency max 250 Hz
Pin assignment
PIN PIN Description Function
30 Vcc 9 to 30 V DC power supply
31 GND Ground
15 Gate MOSFET Gate
87 Output MOSFET Source