ICCS CAN Modules

ICCS CAN Modules (ICCS= Intelligent Command and Control Systems) are intelligent modules which can be used as stand alone or as an extension solution to the existing CAN network.

The core piece of each module is the 8 bit microprocessor (Freescale HCS08 with 60 kbyte flash memory). Additionally, the 1-byte-EEPROM for data backup is integrated in all ICCS CAN modules. Depending on the complexity of the control tasks or the number of required inputs and outputs, the customer has a choice between the following products:

  • ICCS Micro CAN is a module with up to three possible analogue inputs and eather a 10/15A relay output or two high side outputs with up to 5A each. It can be connected to the circuit board over the 9 way relay socket.
  • ICCS PropCAN is a module for controlling the flow rate of a proportional valve. It is specially developed for controlling the hydraulic applications.
  • ICCS CAN I/O is a compact module with a 22 way Molex mini fit connector. It provides 6 analogue inputs as well as 8 I/O pins. The outputs are 4 way high side modules.
  • ICCS CAN Controller 64P is a module with more than 30 inputs and 16 high side outputs and can use CAN Open Higher Layer Communication Protocol.
  • ICCS SSP10 is a CAN-able switch panel with 10 keys and 10 high side outputs. It is based on a similar concept like the ICCS CAN I/O, but also comes with a human-machine-interface. The foil of the switch panel can be customized.

The ICCS CAN modules can be programmed and adjusted individually. A software development kit ICCS SDK Plus , which contains a graphic development surface, is available. Customers can program their individual applications through this, without any knowledge of a programming language.

With the ICCS CAN modules, customers receive an extremely flexible and efficient control system. Together with Würth Elektronik ICS central electrical units or power boards, customers receive a complete and intelligent system for the control and monitoring of the electric currents in a vehicle.