Product Spotlight

A spotlight of our products including: flyback transformers, power transformers, metering transformers, flybuck drivers, push-pull drivers, common mode chokes, and more.

Linear Technology LT8304

Isolated flyback transformers for Linear Technology LT8304

Linear Technology LT8304

Texas Instruments SN6505B

Push-pull transformers for isolated power supplies

Texas Instruments SN6505B

Linear Technology LT8303

Isolated flyback transformers for Linear Technology LT8303

Linear Technology LT8303

Dialog Semiconductor iW1818/1830 Power Supply Designs

Reinforced isolation flyback transformers


Transformers for Texas Instruments PLC Analog Input Module

TIDA-00550 Dual Channel-to-Channel Isolated Universal Analog Input Module Design


Forward and Flyback Transformers for Linear Technology PoE++/PoE_+/PoE Applications

For use with LT4276 PD controllers in 13W to 90W applications


MID-D11 SMD Common Mode Chokes

Dual-coil chokes for common mode or differential mode suppression


Transformer for STMicroelectronics' VIPER0P Zero-power converter


Transformer for Texas Instruments IGBT Gate Drive TIDA-00446 Design Using SN6505


MID-MHC EPW15S Transformers for Metering Applications


Transformers for Maxim Integrated's Isolated RS-485 Transceivers

RS-485 Transformers

Low-profile transformers using our new ER9.5S package for small isolated 3W power supplies


MID-TIB High Voltage Isolated Buck Transformers for DC-DC Telecom Applications


Micro PLC Transformer for Maxim Integrated Universal Input System Board


Transformer for STMicroelectronics VIPer35HD and VIPer35LD

15W, 12V wide range isolated flyback converter


Texas Instruments TIDA-00245, TIDA-00349, TIDA-00459

Highly Efficient, Isolated Low-Power DC-DC Converters and Data Transmission

750314839, 750315504 and 750315155

Texas Instruments TIDA-00237 - 750315144

1W, 12V-36V Isolated Power Supply for Analog Programmable Logic Controller Modules


EE13/7/4 SMT for Offline Applications

Extended Rail, Wide VIN, Low Profile Transformers for AC/DC Applications


Texas Instruments Dual Isolated FlybuckTM Transformer for Industrial Application

Dual isolated outputs, +15V/-9V @ 200mA, 4.8W power used with LM5160


Texas Instruments TPS54061 transformer for sensor applications

Small form factor EP7 transformer for current loop sensor isolated power supplies.


750510652 VDSL Transformer for Intel's VINAX dp8 Chipset

Designed to support Intel - Lantiq's chipset technology & 8 port DPU's to deliver data rates up to 300Mbps on a single VDSL line.


Maxim Integrated Pulse Transformer for Metering Applications

Designed to provide high isolation between sensor interface ICs


MID-­DC16US: 14mm Max Height Common Mode Chokes

Dual-coil chokes for common mode or differential mode suppression

MID-DC16US 14mm

Maxim MAX17681 Iso-Buck dual output transformer

4.5V to 42V Input, High-Efficiency, Iso-Buck DC-DC Converter


Maxim Integrated high isolation push-pull transformers

Isolated DC-DC push-pull transformers for Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated's MAX258, MAX13253 and MAX13256 drivers

Linear Technology's LT3999

Low Noise, Wide Vin Push-Pull Transformer Driver