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Diodes Incorporated AL3644 | Demoboard AL3644EV1

AL3644EV1 User Guide


TopologyBoost Converter
Input voltage2.7-5.5 V
Output 11.5 A


The AL3644 is a dual LED flash driver that provides a high level of adjustability within a small solution size. The AL3644 utilizes a 2-MHz or 4-MHz fixed frequency synchronous boost converter to provide power to the dual 1.5-A constant current LED sources. The dual 128 level current sources provide the flexibility to adjust the current ratios between LED1 and LED2. An adaptive regulation method ensures the current sources remain in regulation and maximizes efficiency.


  • Dual Independent 1.5-A LED Current Source Programmability
  • Accurate and Programmable LED Current Range from 1.4mA to 1.5A
  • Torch Currents up to 180mA per Channel
  • Flash Timeout Values up to 400ms
  • Optimized Flash LED Current During Low Battery Conditions (IVFM).
  • 85% Efficiency in Torch Mode (at 100 mA) and Flash Mode (at 1A to 1.5A)

  • Grounded Cathode LED Operation for Improved Thermal Management
  • Small Solution Size: < 16 mm2
  • Hardware Strobe Enable (STROBE)
  • Synchronization Input for RF Power Amplifier Pulse Events (TX)
  • Hardware Torch Enable (TORCH/TEMP)
  • Remote NTC Monitoring (TORCH/TEMP)
  • 400-kHz I2C-Compatible Interface
  • AL3644 (I2C Address = 0x63)

Typical applications

  • Camera Phone White LED Flash