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IC manufacturers Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Incorporated AL8806 | Demoboard AL8806EV4



TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage9-30 V
Output 11.5 A
IC revisionIssue 2


This evaluation circuit demonstrates theAL8806 High Efficiency 30V 1.5A Buck LEDDriver. For detailed information on theAL8806, please see the datasheet at:http://www.diodes.com/datasheets/AL8806.pdfThe evaluation board is preset to drive itsmaximum current of 1.5A into a single LED ormultiple LEDs, the maximum number of whichdepends on their total forward voltage drop.EMC filtering is included to meet internationalstandards including the radiated emissionrequirements of EN55015 and EN55022Class B.The circuit operates in continuous switchingmode at a frequency of approximately 170kHzwhen driving 2 LEDs each having a forwardvoltage drop of approximately 3.4V at 1.5A.The construction uses a double-sided FR4printed circuit board, 63 x 40 x 1.7 mm with2oz/sq ft copper (70μm). Components aremounted on one side only.


  • 9V to 30V DC input (with 2 LEDs)
  • 1.5A LED current
  • Drives 1 LED or several LEDs in series
  • Brightness control using DC or PWM
  • Inherent open circuit LED protection
  • Ambient temperature range
  • 40°C to +105°C