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Diodes Incorporated AL8812 | Demoboard AL8812EV1

AL8812EV1 User Guide


TopologyPower Factor Correction
Input voltage12 V
Output 10.7 A
IC revision1


The MR16 LED Driver Module Evaluation board shows how to use the new AL8812 with integrated MOSFET in one package as a Boost LED driver for an inexpensive PFC front end and the new AL8807A as a Buck LED driver for a cost effective MR16 LED Driver circuit from which high PFC (~0.9) can be achieved.


  • Integrated 60V, 3.6A MOSFET
  • Non-Dimmable or Triac Dimmable
  • Front end Constant On time PFC circuit using the AL8812 Boost LED Driver
  • New AL8807A Buck LED Driver
  • PFC for the 12VAC input allowing multiple MR16 units on one transformer
  • Compatible with Electronic Transformers

Typical applications

  • Desktop lamps
  • Under the counter lamps
  • MR16 LED Bulb