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MaxLinear SP6153

SP6153 Evaluation Board Manual


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage5-28 V
Output 15 V / 20 A


The SP6153ER is designed with a very accurate 1.0% reference over line, load and temperature. Figure 1 & 2 data show a typical SP6153 evaluation board efficiency and regulation plots, with efficiencies up to 93% and output currents up to 20A. The output voltage ripple of less than 50mV at full load and the LX node are shown in figure 3. Figures 4 and 5 illustrate a 10A to 20A and 1A to 20A Load Step. Short circuit and current limit are shown in Figures 6 and 7. Typical startup characteristics into a full load and no load are shown in figure 8 and 9. All data was taken at 5Vin and 1.8VoutWhile data on individual power supply boards may vary, the capability of the SP6153ER of achieving a high accuracy over a range of load conditions shown here is quite impressive and desirable for accurate power supply design.


  • 5V nominal Input step down Synchronous Buck Converter - up to 20A output current
  • Built in feedback compensation with feed forward
  • 300KHz fixed switching frequency
  • Highly Integrated Design, Minimal External Components
  • High Efficiency: 93%
  • Over current circuit protection with auto restart using FET RDSON sensing
  • Power Good Output
  • UVLO detects both VCC and VIN
  • Programmable soft start
  • Fast transient response

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