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MaxLinear SP6652 | Demoboard SP6652LEDEB

SP6652LED Evaluation Board Manual


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage3-5.5 V
Output 10.9 A
IC revisionA


The SP6652LED Evaluation Board is a compact circuit that was built on SP6652 and canprovide a stable drive current for a 1W or 3W Luxeon type light source. The SP6652 is anintegrated synchronous buck regulator configured to provide constant output current for thisapplication. The evaluation board is a completely assembled and tested surface mount boardwhich provides easy probe access points to all SP6652 inputs and outputs so that the user canquickly connect and measure electrical characteristics and waveforms.


3V to 5.5V Input Range Accurate 350mA or 900mA OutputCurrent High Efficiency Small 10-Pin MSOP Package 1.2MHz Switching FrequencyEnables Small Components Integrated Design with MinimalComponents. Use 4 cell alkaline, NiCad, NiMH, or 1cell Lithium Ion Battery or 3.3V or 5VLogic supply

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