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Monolithic Power Systems EV4005DN-00A

Non-Isolated Step Down High Brightness WLED Driver


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage85-120 V
Switching frequency110 kHz
Output 130 V / 0.35 A
IC revision1.2


The EV4005DN-00A is an evaluation board for the MP4005/4005-A. The EV4005DS-00A is a high efficiency step-down converter designed for driving high brightness Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).


  • Constant-current LED Driver
  • Power MOSFET Zero-Current Turn On
  • High Efficiency and Reliability in BoundaryMode Operation
  • 5V to 190V DC Input Voltage
  • Low 0.4mA Operation Current
  • PWM or DC Input Burst Dimming Control
  • Hiccup Short Circuit Protection
  • UVLO, Thermal Shutdown
  • Maximum Frequency is Limited to 110kHz
  • Available in SOIC8E Package