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21.12.2015 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Kristy Hedman, Account Manager - Pacific Northwest , Watertown, SD Office

Meet Kristy Hedman, Area Sales Manager for the Pacific Northwest, located in the Watertown, SD Office.

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14.12.2015 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Kiet Vo, Area Sales Manager, Milpitas, CA USA Office

Meet Kiet Vo, Area Sales Manager in the Milpitas, CA office.

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30.11.2015 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Missy Hansen, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Watertown, SD USA Office

Meet Missy Hansen, Marketing and Communications Coordinator in the Watertown, SD office in the USA.

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19.11.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Product Options for WE-PDF and WE-HCI from Wurth Electronics Midcom

Each WE-PDF series package size carries a broad range of inductance values to provide the optimum solution for your application.

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16.11.2015 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Kaye Elmore, R&D Lab Operator, Watertown, SD, USA Office

Meet Kaye Elmore, R&D Lab Operator in the Watertown, SD office in the USA.

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12.11.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Select the Right Transformer - What's important in your Magnetics?

What is most important to you while designing a transformer? Low or high isolation? Size or area? Cost or performance? We can lead you in the right direction. Lean how in this post.

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09.11.2015 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Brian Wiese, VP of Sales, Rutherford, NJ USA Office

Meet Brian Wiese, the Vice President of Sales for the US located in the Rutherford, NJ, USA office.

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04.11.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Reducing Common Mode Noise with HPLE Series of Integrated RJ45 Connectors

This post provides an in-depth look at how the HPLE series of RJ45 connectors integrates the magnetics associated with noise reduction and IEEE802.3 compliance and an industry-standard RJ45 connector.

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02.11.2015 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Roxie Shultz, Raw Materials Analyst

Meet Roxie Shultz, Raw Materials Analyst for the Watertown, SD, USA office.

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28.10.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Introduction to RJ45 Connectors with Integrated Magnetics

Wurth Electronics Midcom offers an entire line of RJ45 connectors with integrated magnetics, which feature magnetics configurations designed to meet the IEEE802.3 standard.

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