Scaling Wireless Charging to High-Power Applications

By: Ruwanga Dassanayake, Product Line Manager for Semtech’s Power Management and High-Reliability Products Group

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly prevalent. All standards support five to 10 watts of wireless power for low-power applications…specifically, phones. But, thinking ahead—beyond the mass dissemination of wirelessly charging phones in the coming years—wireless charging systems will need to support applications at a range of power levels in order to meet industry demand.

We believe wireless charging has many use cases beyond mobile phones and other low-power electronics. Wireless charging can provide convenience and improved efficiency in a range of enterprise, construction and medical use cases. For example, wireless charging can be used in operating rooms to charge medical equipment throughout an operation. This could help ensure tools are adequately charged throughout procedures and decrease the likelihood of contamination by eliminating excess charging cables. This is just one of many potential use cases we’ve identified for higher power applications.

In this intermediate period, when the wireless charging standards bodies are focused on mobile devices, Semtech recognized the need for a solution that could accommodate high-power applications, while remaining backwards compatible with existing standards. LinkCharge™ 20 is the only available inductive wireless charging system beyond 15 watts. It uses a proprietary protocol for transmitter/receiver communication up to 20 watts, but is still fully backwards compatible to existing standards at five to 15 watts. This system is ideal for high-power industrial applications, such as power tools, appliances, medical instruments, and automation systems.

Semtech will be demonstrating its LinkCharge 20 wireless charging system with Wurth Electronics at APEC booth #811, free of charge, on Wednesday, March 29 at 1:00pm.

Visit Semtech’s wireless charging webpage for more information about the LinkCharge family of wireless charging solutions for low-, medium- and high-power applications.

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