Off the Clock Contenders Announced!

Wurth Electronics has selected five applicants to contend in the “Off the Clock Design Challenge.”

These five contenders include:

  • Christopher McMahan
  • Dheera Venkatraman
  • Josue Alejandro Gutierrez
  • Nicholas Su
  • Robert van Leeuwen

Christopher McMahan

Christopher McMahan describes himself as “a maker, husband, and father.” McMahan says “I love to modify or build items to make them more personal or useful.”

McMahan is currently working on his Bachelors in Computer Information Science at ECPI University in South Carolina, and his hobbies include radio controlled vehicles, woodworking, programming, and robotics.

Watch Christopher’s development here.

Dheera Venkatraman

Dheera Venkatraman, who recently graduated with a Ph.D. from MIT’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, is co-founder and CTO of Robby Technologies; an early-stage startup building autonomous delivery robots.

In his free time, Venkatraman enjoys DIY electronics, photography, traveling, culture & history, and has an interest in sustainability.

Dheera’s design development can be found here.

Josue Alejandro Gutierrez

Josue Alejandro Gutierrez classifies himself as an electronics enthusiast. “I love to make electronics- I like science fiction movies and TV series, and I like to make things with the knowledge I get every day,” says Gutierrez.

Some projects he has worked on in the past include a homemade 3D printer, hardware designing CILAB devices for environmental purposes, and a mechanical, CNC machine.

Josue’s design progress can be tracked here.

Nicholas Su

A recent graduate of Stanford’s Electrical Engineering program, Nicholas Su has a strong interested in analog applications including power electronics, biosensors, and camera systems. “I am fundamentally interested in learning how new technologies work as well as explaining them to others!” says Su.

In his free time, Nicholas Su also writes fan fiction. Click here to watch some videos created by Su.

Keep up with Nicholas’ blog here.

Robert van Leeuwen

Robert van Leeuwen is a freelance programmer, who started his developing as a programmer and tinkerer early in life. van Leeuwen claims his development resulted in the all-around, embedded developer he is today. He is responsible for planning and designing software, as well as hardware, for data collection and manipulation, lighting control, measurement, power-distribution and motion management.

Robert’s blog can be read here.

Check back to see the progress of each contender’s design!

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