The Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), will be here soon!

On March 7th, we will once again be an exhibitor at the 2018 event, which hosts many educational seminars and offers the chance to make great connections.

This year, we’ll be in San Antonio, TX and for the 3rd year will be featuring our partner IC houses in our booth.

For our first demo spotlight, you’ll be taking a close look at Wurth Electronics' partner AnDAPT™, On-Demand Power Management Solutions.

As part of the demo, AnDAPT™ will deliver innovation, integration, and customization as it revolutionizes power management applications at APEC 2018.

AnDAPT™ Offers Flexibility and Development of On-Demand PMICs

AnDAPT™ has developed and patented a new technology of embedded analog elements in FPGAs, which enables flexibility for rapid changes and development of custom PMICs. We call it On-Demand Power Management Solutions.

The largest challenge for developers is the increasing complexity of power architectures driven by increase in numbers of power rails, higher power density, redundancy, efficiency and design changes through development.

Whereas the digital domain FPGAs enable flexibility for changes that help bring products to market faster – accelerating revenue, in the analog domain, fixed function POLs require designers to create different layouts to accommodate each fixed functionality device.

AnDAPT™ PMIC Categories

Adaptable PMICs are starting point PMICs, where customization for main parameters is available at Zero NRE, by AnDAPT Design services, to address fast prototyping requirements. They are standard turn-key PMICs, when used as is.

On-Demand PMICs allow customers to do their own proprietary DIY PMIC designs with the fastest time to market, reducing inventory costs, board real estate, and total solution BoM costs.

Custom PMICs are offered by AnDAPT Design Services for Low NRE, delivering fastest time to market solutions vs. competing full custom PMICs. They are targeted towards advanced power architecture designs for redundancy, highest efficiency, robustness, custom telemetry, or control. They also optimize board real estate and BoM, resulting in lower cost than discrete devices.

Application-Specific PMICs are standard product offerings that are available immediately as turn-key solutions. The AnDAPT USB Type-C Battery Chargers with >97% peak efficiency and the Non-Linear Multiphase Controllers are coming soon.

The AnDAPT PMIC offerings are targeted at enterprise, data-center, networking, telecom, industrial, medical, and consumer multi-cell battery applications.

See you in San Antonio!

You won’t want to miss APEC 2018! We’ll have over 60 employees attending or presenting technical seminars, so be sure to stop by booth #401 to say hello. To see more about where we will be at APEC visit

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