Texas Instruments’ (TI) High Power IEEE802.3bt PoE PD featuring Wurth Electronics .bt LAN Transformer at APEC 2018

With industrial, residential, and commercial applications, LED lighting technology is everywhere. The benefits of LED lighting include: a long operational life, high energy efficiency, and small form-factor.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) offers a convenient approach to delivering both data and electrical power to connected lighting devices, eliminating the need for other external power sources. PoE technology is entering the industrial market in new and exciting ways, providing the ability to control and connect these lighting ballasts in lighting applications.

In the Era of IoT, Texas Instruments has developed TIDA-01463, a IEEE802.3bt ready Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE PD) system solution for smart lighting and IoT applications such as energy management, reactive room illumination, wayfinding, and alert/alarm systems.

TIDA-01463 Features:

▪ IEEE802.3bt Ready

▪ High Power PoE PD – 51W Class 6

▪ Connected Lighting Control Over Ethernet

▪ Ultra-Low Standby Power Consumption

Examples of TIDA-01463 Applications:

▪ Presence Detection

▪ Way Finding

▪ Reactive Room Illumination

The IEEE802.3bt will enable systems capable of delivering power at ~70W and broaden PoE's technology reach into new end equipment such as industrial controls and LED lighting.

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