Off the Clock Contenders Announced!

Wurth Electronics has selected four applicants to contend in the second annual “Off the Clock Design Challenge.”

These four contenders include:

  • Jose Tlacaélel Sánchez Rangel
  • Josue Alejandro Gutierrez
  • Matthew Rossi
  • Petr Dvorak

Jose Tlacaélel Sánchez Rangel

Jose Tlacaélel Sánchez Rangel describes himself as a person who is perfectly happy working on robotics and electronics projects. Since he was young, Rangel planned on becoming a mechatronics engineer, and enjoys working with every type of technology and learning new things every day.

Rangel plans on continuing his work in the field of robotics and applying his education to creating new technology.

Watch Tlacaélel’s development here.

Josue Alejandro Gutierrez

Josue Alejandro Gutierrez is a returning contender from the 2017 Off The Clock Design Challenge. Gutierrez classifies himself as an electronics enthusiast, and enjoys writing entries in his electronics blog.

In 2017, Gutuerrez won the People’s Choice Award for his creation of a wireless charging baby bottle warmer.

Josue’s design progress can be tracked here.

Matthew Rossi

Matthew Rossi is an ambitious electronica engineer who works at a small Pacific Northwest firm that develops thermal simulation instrumentation. Rossi has a strong interest in creating technology, and enjoys every step included in the design process.

In his free time, Rossi enjoys creating detailed wood furniture, bike-riding, and learning new languages.

Keep up with Matthew’s blog here.

Petr Dvorak

Eleven years after graduating from a university, Petr Dvorak has become a professional freelancer. Dvorak says “My main goal is to make people happy.”

Dvorak is focused on personal development, which he is hoping to prove in this competition.

Peter’s blog can be read here.

Check back to see the progress of each contender’s design!

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