Five Smart Ideas = One Powerful Concept

The world is getting smarter – smartphones, smart homes, and now, the Smart5 concept from Wurth Electronics. What do these terms mean and what kind of success do they bring to the market?

The digitiszation of processes by using innovative technology is the basis of the Smart5 concept. Customers and employers are both at the center of this. WE also wants to strengthen its image as an innovative corporate group. Here are the specific components:

Smart Factory

Improved transparency across 14 eproduction sites, production processes and resources – this is the aim of Smart Factory.

Currently, Wurth Electronics collects approximately 15 million items of individual data about manufactured quantities, quality rates, and downtimes – all in a common format from around the world. Robotic assistance is also part of the “work smarter, not harder” concept. This saves time and gives employees space to complete more complex tasks.

Smart Data

The data center in Waldzimmern offers fast data exchange worldwide with the “Hohenloher Ring.” The volumes of data are sent around the world at breakneck speed –10,000 times faster than a normal internet connection, to be exact. All customers and employees of the entire Wurth Group benefit from this high availability.

Smart Delivery

In order to secure deliveries of any number of components without a minimum order quantity, as well as the delivery of free samples within 24 to 48 hours, an extremely efficient logistics system is needed – such as the highly automated logistics center in Waldenburg, established in 2016.

The center currently stocks 14,000 items, with high automation permitting up to 4,000 withdrawals per day. Expansions are expected to double capacity by 2020. The products are logged with dimensions, weight, and volumes; the logistics are controlled via tablets, among other tasks.

Smart Support

Smart5 support includes tech support and free training, assembly and customized plug connectors, reference designs, design kits with free refills, etc.

The more demanding and smarter the customers’ products become, the more WE steps up to be their partner and supports the developers.

In combination with the SMART Communication component, location-independent video conferencing is currently being tested in sales together with selected customers. The feedback is positive, and customers are noticing the improvement in availability.

Smart Communication

More and more customers are looking for solutions for specific challenges – this requires individual conversations. At the same time, Wurth Electronics combines expertise and resources from all over the world.

In many locations, video conferencing rooms help to achieve this with high-resolution cameras and screens. One pilot project is even offering the possibility of zooming directly into production. This makes it easier for employees to converse and improves the response time to customer queries.

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