How WE Day Came to Be:

The Evolution of Wurth Electronics’ Biggest Event in Mexico and Canada

For our friends in Mexico and Canada, WE Day is one of the biggest days of the year.

What started as a simple electronics show in Mexico has quickly blossomed into not only a tour of three days in Mexico, but also a large event in Canada. Clearly, something about WE Day is resonating with attendees — and encouraging them to come back year after year.

Learn how WE Day has grown into one of the best events in the electronics industry in just a few short years (and how you can be a part of it yourself!).

Why Did Wurth Electronics Start WE Day?


Prior to the first WE Day in 2015, Mexico had hosted several technical seminars and fairs — but all were sponsored by only one manufacturer or limited to only one area, like procurement or engineering.

The Wurth Electronics team in Mexico had a vision for a more comprehensive event, where an engineer could find suppliers from PCBs, harness, distributors, and IC manufacturers — all at the same time. Thus, the first WE Day was born in 2015 as a way to provide real value to the entire engineering industry in Mexico.


Being relatively new to the Canadian scene, the Wurth Electronics team in Canada viewed WE Day as an opportunity to build relationships in the community — with customers, with distributors, and with IC partners.

After seeing how well WE Day had been received in Mexico, Wurth Electronics launched WE Day in 2017 to equally great reception in Toronto.

What Types of Topics Are Covered at WE Day?

WE Day is more than just another engineering expo. The event is full of interesting technical seminars and demonstrations from experts in a variety of fields.

Some of the most popular session topics include wireless charging, EMI/EMC, and PoE. Engineers are always looking for the latest solutions in these areas, and WE Day is the perfect place to discover them!

The Wurth Electronics team also provides fantastic software training using REDEXPERT, which helps users choose the appropriate magnetics for their designs.

What Makes WE Day Different from Other Electronics Events?

WE Day isn’t some cover-up for a big sales pitch on why you should choose Wurth Electronics. We do our best to offer unbiased training from a diverse range of exhibitors, including EMC labs, distributors, IC houses, PCBAs, and harness options.

Attendees have provided positive feedback that WE Day is a valuable event where you can learn and network with colleagues of all kinds within the industry.

Of course, we want people to think of Wurth Electronics as their top magnetics provider — but in the end, WE Day is a win for the customer, not us.

What’s the Best Part about WE Day?

It depends on who you ask!

Engineers who have attended WE Day love that it’s not some marketing event where brands are constantly being promoted. Instead, it’s an educational experience, where they can learn new techniques and products to solve their issues.

As for the Wurth Electronics team, we love watching the collaboration occur between our partners and customers. Not only is it fun to see the technical sessions at full capacity, but it’s also so rewarding to see customers engaging with our team, testing our design kits, and ultimately telling us they loved their experience at WE Day.

It’s all part of our trademark “more than you expect” service!

How Has WE Day Evolved Over the Years?

After the first WE Day in Mexico City (with just a few technical sessions), the event has grown dramatically, both in the number of partners invited and in the variety of sessions given.

Year after year, customers have brought us specific questions that have contributed to interesting new discussions. Because of that, WE Day has become a full three-day event in Mexico.

While WE Day is only in its second year in Toronto, attendance is climbing — now up to nine sponsors! And as the event is projected to continue to grow, WE Day will just get bigger and better . . . in Canada and beyond.

Join Us for WE Day 2018!

Thinking you might want to join us for WE Day this year? Of course you are!

WE Day is coming up in three different cities in Mexico:

  • Guadalajara: September 4, 2018
  • Monterrey: September 6, 2018
  • Mexico City: September 7, 2018

Learn more or register for WE Day in Mexico here.

While our second-annual WE Day in Canada has passed, keep an eye out for the event in 2019. In the meantime, you can always view our upcoming events, seminars, and webinars!

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