The Perfect Match: REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector

Soldering and press-fit was yesterday. The future is SKEDD’s direct plug-in technology.

Wurth Electronics is proud to introduce the REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector: a solderless, reversible, direct plug-in connector with SKEDD technology and insulation displacement connection. By plugging directly into the through-holes of a PCB and thus eliminating potential error sources, REDFIT saves you time, space, material, and process cost.

Read on to learn more about this innovative SKEDD technology!

What Is a REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector?

REDFIT IDC is not your typical connector. Some of the key characteristics of REDFIT IDC include:

  • IDC for quick and easy half-pitch cable connection
  • Four-way contact principle for reliable electrical connection
  • Reversible polarity protection of plastic housing for correct assembling
  • Tool-free mounting for easy plug and unplug process

What Makes SKEDD Technology Different?

SKEDD technology is different from press-fit technology. Whereas press-fit technology with solid pins results in VIA deformation, and press-fit technology with flexible pins results in pin deformation, direct plug-in technology with SKEDD contacts results in no deformation.

Contact requirements for SKEDD technology include:

  • Easy and simple plug-in process
  • Vibration-proof connection
  • Multiple times pluggable
  • Reversible connection
  • Fitting accuracy

Benefits of REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector

The benefits of the REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector are nearly endless. Here are just a few:

  • No mating connector
  • Fewer electrical interfaces
  • Plug and unplug by hand
  • Compact design and reduced weight
  • No changes with PCB production
  • Fewer thermal processes
  • Quick and easy processing
  • Space-saving design
  • Higher process reliability
  • Lower material and production costs

Applications of REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector

There are many applications for the SKEDD technology, including both permanent applications (like signal transmission) and temporary applications (like programming and debugging).

Specific branches that could benefit from the REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector include:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Solar industry
  • Industrial electronics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Switch board construction

Summary of REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector

So in summary, what makes SKEDD technology so innovative?

Due to the special contact design, REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector offers a simple, pluggable connection. The LCP housing, with its reverse polarity protection, includes a passive locking system. There’s no mating partner needed; the fully specified plated through hole is the mating partner. One fewer component means fewer electrical interfaces, a reduced contact resistance, and one fewer source of error.

REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector offers new possibilities. With SKEDD technology, complete new solutions are possible.

You can learn more about the REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connector by watching this video on DigiKey.

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