This initial design, using these solderless SKEDD contacts, is similar to a shrouded Box Header Transition connector yet with the improved usability. The IDC blades for the ribbon cable termination are uniform to the selectively plated mating contacts. Staggered contacts at 1.27mm half pitch and destict positioning pegs create a polarity direction to prevent mismatch. The pegs are used for guidance while mounting by hand (tool-free) directly to the PCB; no mating connector needed. Flexibility of the elastic contacts help adapt to PCB grid tolerances while the LCP housing is free from thermal shock of soldering processes.

The product is used for signal transmissions applications where it can be used permanently on the board as part of the assembly. It can also be used in temporary situations such as programming and/or debugging the chips.

For more information on SKEDD, view our product family WR-WST and watch this video on YouTube.

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