The History of Würth Elektronik: Highlights from 2000 to 2010

Maybe you’ve been familiar with Würth Elektronik for a while. Perhaps you’ve been reading our blog or buying our products. But how well do you really know us?

The history of Würth Elektronik goes pretty far back — back to 1984, in fact. Since then, our team has accomplished some cool things, not just for our company, but also for the entire electronics industry as a whole.

In this second post in our three-part series on the company history of Würth Elektronik, we’ll cover the company highlights from 2000 to 2010. Join us for a trip down memory lane!

2001: Started Partnerships with IC Manufacturers

2001 brought about the groundbreaking of our new headquarters in Waldenburg, Germany, as well as the start of strategic partnerships with IC manufacturers like Texas Instruments, Linear Technology, Fairchild Semiconductor, and National Semiconductor.

This year, Würth Elektronik also expanded into the United States and increased our active customers to 4,500 and our products to 3,500.

2002 – 2003: Opened New Headquarters in Germany

The next two years were busy with growth. In 2002 and 2003, Würth Elektronik celebrated the grand opening of our new headquarters and warehouse in Waldenburg, Germany, as well as the launch of the connector brand WERI.

Along with declaring our sales career model, we also expanded to China and the Netherlands — thus adding 40 employees, 500 customers, and 500 new products!

2004: Launched New Product Group (Transformers)

In 2004, along with expanding to Hong Kong, Italy, and Taiwan, we launched a new group in our product line: transformers. With these new additions, we gained 61 employees, 3,000 customers, and 4,000 products.

2005: Started New Business Unit (eiCan)

2005 was a big year for Würth Elektronik. First, we acquired iBE, a specialist in rod core inductors for automotive applications in Thyrnau, Germany. Second, we started eiCan, a business unit for electromechanical components. And third, we expanded to Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

Thanks to these developments, our team was now up to 825 employees, 9,000 active customers, and 10,000 products.

2006: Opened High Rack Warehouse in Waldenburg

In 2006, we opened our high rack warehouse in Waldenburg, Germany, and Würth Elektronik iBE set up two new production sites in China and Mexico.

We also added six new countries — Singapore, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, and India — providing us with another 3,600 active customers and 2,000 more products.

2007: Acquired Midcom Inc.

2007 brought the acquisition of Midcom Inc., which specializes in telecom and power transformers in Watertown, South Dakota. We also started a new work/life balance program, WEtality, and began working with Digi-Key and Distrelec.

Along with the addition of Romania and Brazil, Würth Elektronik now had 6,245 employees, 14,900 active customers, and 16,000 products total.

2008: Held First eiSos “Activity Day”

In 2008, we held our first worldwide eiSos customer day, “Activity Day,” which attracted more than 2,000 attendees at 30 events around the globe. We also published the 694-page Trilogy of Magnetics.

This year, we partnered with Farnell and element14, expanded to four new countries (Poland, Israel, Canada, and Malaysia), and added 4,000 products to our portfolio.

2009: Began Development of “Green” Products

Along with expanding to Denmark, Würth Elektronik began the development of products for “green” electronics in 2009. Our close cooperation with distributors — including new ones like Mouser Electronics — led us to more and more strategic partners (as well as an additional 2,000 products).

2010: Won Product of the Year (WE-PMI)

In 2010, the German technical magazine Elektronik awarded our power inductor WE-PMI as “Product of the Year” in the category “Passive Components.” This was also the year we announced our “Vision 2020” program and published both the Trilogy of Connectors and The LTSPICE IV Simulator.

Würth Elektronik was busy globally, too. 2010 brought the initial operation of our production site in Shenyang, China, and our quality center in Longgang, China. New countries this year included Turkey, Norway, and Thailand. By the end of 2010, we were up to nearly 20,000 active customers and nearly 25,000 products.

Want to know what happens next?

Stay tuned to our blog for the last post in this series, or learn more about our company here!

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