Meet Us Monday: Quentin Laidebeur, Product Definition Engineer

Because APEC is in Anaheim, CA this year - we are switching up our Meet Us Mondays to feature our Southern California team! Every Monday, we feature a different employee on our blog to give a little insight into Wurth Electronics.

This week, meet Quentin Laidebeur, Product Definition Engineer for the west coast, located in our Milpitas, CA USA office.

What do you value most about Wurth Electronics?

Its capacity to trust and hire great people that are both competent and agreable. A second thing would be the company networks that allows employee to move from one country to another or to change from one position to another.

How do you like to relax?

Working on/Riding my motorcycle and following the motoGP competition. I spend good time with friends while eating the combo of wine/cheese/bred ;)

How has Wurth Electronics invested in your professional development?

I took benefit from the technical and relationship trainings provided by the group. The company also opened my mental horizon and made me think about topics I didn't even know about.

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which would you keep?




What is your most used emoji?

Le "kiss" emoji ;-*

Want to learn more about Wurth Electronics? Read more about our company here, or see our current job openings.

Check back everyother week for more Meet Us Mondays! And make sure to stop by our booth at APEC!

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