Get Your Copy of the New and Improved Trilogy of Magnetics: 5th Edition

Inductive components in electronic circuit design — whether for voltage converting, filtering, or safeguarding the EMC — are anything but trivial. Component selection can be a major headache for technicians and designers like yourself.

What are the key components you need to consider? How do you find the best component for your application when there are so many versions to choose from? How important are the datasheet parameters? What are the differences between the core materials?

If you’ve ever wrestled with any of these questions, we have the perfect resource for you: our new and improved Trilogy of Magnetics, now in its fifth edition.

Why We Wrote the Trilogy of Magnetics Book

After decades of witnessing the widespread uncertainty and the largely lacking practical approach in training for selecting and using inductive components in circuit design, we wanted to offer a solution that would truly help designers. That’s why we wrote our holistic application manual, the Trilogy of Magnetics.

The great success and immense popularity of the Trilogy of Magnetics show that we were on the right track. Thousands of engineers have found support for tens of thousands of designs in this manual. We’re so proud of and grateful for this success.

But books like these aren’t “one and done.” The world of inductive component selection is continually evolving, and we want all our design guides to reflect the most recent information.

So, in an effort to continue to offer our signature “more than you expect” service, we have now revised the Trilogy of Magnetics not once, but four times. Today, we are excited to announce the release of the fifth edition, completely revised and modernized for 2019.

What’s New in the 5th Edition

The Trilogy of Magnetics: Fifth Edition focuses on the selection of components, circuitry, and layout recommendations for a wide array of magnetics components, always keeping in mind an EMC point of view.

We strongly recommend that all readers pay particular attention to “Chapter 1: The Basics.” Only if you understand, consistently observe, and apply the basics will you be able to select and use the right inductive components.

In the fifth edition, we have considerably extended Chapter 1, pooling some of the theory from other sections here for better understandability. This includes filter basics, which has been extended to higher frequencies, transformer equivalent circuits, updated Ethernet and Power-over-Ethernet, basics of switched-mode power supplies (including feedback compensation), wireless power transmission, and RF basics. This chapter also includes new information on skin, proximity effect, and AC losses.

The fifth edition has also extended the existing chapters and added a few new ones to reflect the growing importance of topics such as wireless power transmission, RF, energy harvesting, and the new SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride) switching devices.

The updated components section lists all Wurth Electronics magnetic component families clearly in a compact format, always followed by a page with their most important features and characteristics. This allows you to quickly browse the entire range of available components and their general specifications.

Finally, the Trilogy of Magnetics: Fifth Edition is rounded off by a new explanation of important technical terms.

With these updates and more, you have a compact and practical reference book for not only your daily work, but also for your teaching, studies, and research.

Get Your Updated Copy of the Trilogy of Magnetics Today!

We couldn’t have published the Trilogy of Magnetics without our external authors from our circle of customers and from well-known manufacturers. Their experience and solutions in basic principles and circuit technology are incorporated in this new edition, and we know they’ll be of great benefit to you.

Along with our external authors, we’d like to thank the Wurth Electronics team and, of course, all of you for your help and support in making this book possible.

As always, we look forward to receiving your suggestions and hope you enjoy the Trilogy of Magnetics: Fifth Edition!

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