As you continue to experience our "more than you expect" service, you now have even more products to choose from in the Wurth Electronics product catalog.

From Automotive Standard Products to Wireless Connectivity -- and everything in between -- we have a handful of additions you may be interested in. Here, we'll highlight a few of them that you can look forward to using in your applications.


The new magnetically shielded WE-MCRI inductor offers a compact design and better leakage inductance and rated current than comparable components. The composite core material allows for a high saturation current.

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The expansion of our wireless power charging coils (WE-WPCC) offer a high quality value due to the high permeability of the shielding, a reliable design with a solid ferrite plate, and low EDC values. We added a Ø 20 mm coil, the smallest Qi coil with a low inductance. It is meant for 5 V systems and is compatible with all Qi transmitters.

We also released our new 200W Development Kit for medium power. It is a ready-to-use wireless power system and will be on display at our booth at APEC.

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The new WE-CLFS line filter is a single-phase filter that offers broadband noise suppressions and simple, fast installation using faston connectors.

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Designed for board-to-board and IGBT connections, this new series offers fast and easy automated assembly at a very low profile.

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Our New H-Capacitors

The H-Chip Aluminum Polymer Capacitors are a whole new 4-series family in our product line. They have an high endurance of 1000h-2000h and a high capacitance tolerance and high ripple current capability.

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To hear and see more about our new products, read about them on our New Product Page or stop by our booth #421 at APEC March 18-20. We will have technical experts available to answer any questions you have!

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