Behind the Scenes at APEC

What goes into planning an exhibition as large as APEC? A lot more than some people might think! Here is a behind the scenes look into what we do at Wurth Electronics to put together the best show we can!

When Does Planning Start?

Honestly, it starts while we are planning the current year's show! As we plan for one year, we always come up with ideas and improvement for the following! But, we really get into planning mode in the September/October timeframe. That is 6 months ahead of the show!

What Exactly Goes Into Planning?

From the littlest details such as what office supplies are needed for our booth staff to the large items like which direction our booth should face, we have to take it all into account!

We have meeting upon meeting to discuss things like the theme for the year, what sponsorships we should take, what we should promote, who our staff will be, and what we should showcase. We also have to arrange things like what type of electricity we need, what type of flooring we will have, what catering we will offer (if any) and ordering things like labor for booth installation and assembly.

We also take care of our staff's hotel rooms and booth uniform. This means booking 60+ hotel rooms at the partner hotels and getting three shirts ordered in the correct size for each employee!

Shipping of "Stuff"

This sets our deadline – the date by which we need to send out pallets (yes, plural) of stuff to the convention center.

For 2019, our pallets ship out on February 22. This means we have to have all of the items we need at the show collected and boxed up by then! The smallest things like pens, staplers, paper clips, and markers up to the big ticket stuff like the demo boards we want to showcase and computers to run our demonstrations!

The Famous Wurth Electronics Hats

By now you have probably heard about our #madhatter hats. How do we pick them? When do we order them?

We start the process as early as June! It takes time to decide which direction we want to go, get samples, try artwork, etc. Plus, we have to have at least a month for production and shipping. On top of that, we have to get them here before the elusive pallet ship date.

Social Media

Not only do we have to plan things like electricity, supplies and hotels, we also have to plan our social media. We kickoff our #APEC campaign with our "100 days 'till APEC" post! Because 100 days falls in December, we have to have our #hashtags picked out by then and start our content calendar.

Of course, we have to keep up with our #MadHatterReturns and continue with #MadHatter19!

The Wurth Electronics Party

For the past few years, we have offered an after-hours party to thank our customers for their loyalty.

A lot goes into the planning of an event like this. Things like finding a venue that is large enough to hold 300+ people within walking distance of the convention center, how to keep track of how many people come, what type of entertainment do we want, and what rules we need to abide by legally with the bar.

To see all of our hard work put together, make sure you stop by our booth at APEC, #421!

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