Three Reasons to Work at an International Design Company

We are growing and looking for talent to add to our team. Learn why you want to work for an international electronics design company like Wurth Electronics Midcom.

Job Opportunities Abound at Wurth Electronics Midcom

We are continuing to grow in our sales both in the eiSos and the Midcom side of things. This includes catalogue distribution as well as custom. We are growing in our engineering department, so this includes product development, product marketing, engineering, and design.

We are also growing in the lab, which requires electronic technicians. Another area in which we are growing is purchasing and accounting. There’s just a lot of growth in a lot of areas.

Openings with Wurth Electronics Midcom around the nation

Watertown is the headquarters, so a lot of our support functions are here. For example, accounting, HR and our warehouse. Those functions are all here.

Outside sales, however, are growing throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. So we’re continually looking for outside sales people.

As for inside sales people we again have those opportunities --- East Coast, West Coast, throughout the US. Engineering is also done here in Watertown so a lot of those opportunities are in Watertown. We’re growing in a lot of places.

Our sales organization and the support functions for sales are really hot right now. So outside sales and inside sales. But we can’t leave our technical group out, because as our sales are out there, our technical group is also growing. That’s our product development and marketing as well as our design engineers.

What stands out on a Résumé

What stands out is really an individual’s ambition and their passion. What is it that drives them?

If there is a student that is going into the business administration field, where have they worked before? Did they work going through school? Have they ever worked in the past and if so, what did that look like for them?

It’s really the connection that we make when talking to them. So yes, the résumé is that door in and that’s going to have the facts that you’re going to school and the places that you worked.

But, when we pick up the phone and make that phone contact, that’s when we get sold on the individual. We can then determine whether they are a fit for what we are looking for as far as the culture, as far as the job duties and tasks.

We can train people to do a job or a task or to begin their career here, but it’s really that cultural fit.

Why you Want to Work at Wurth Electronics Midcom

For one, the culture.

We are an international company so at least twice a year, we get the opportunity to visit with our colleagues that are in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and Asia and bring them all to the U.S. or Watertown or a very close area. And we get to see them face-to-face to grow, develop and work with them.

It makes us unique and special that we’re continuing to grow, personally and professionally, but also networking and the social aspect of our company is so important.

The team-building aspect is so important. That’s what makes us special.

When I tell candidates about that, they are really impressed. They enjoy that training aspect. They enjoy the fact that we’re not just throwing them out there and telling them “good luck,” you know that we provide them the tools and resources to do well and to be successful.

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