Interview and Hiring Tips for Electronics Job Positions

It's hard to prepare for interviews with international electronics design companies like Wurth Electronics Midcom. We want to help you be prepared and know what to expect.

How to Prepare for an Interview with Wurth Electronics Midcom

It is hard to prepare for. One thing to understand is that we are a German-based company. The work ethic is to work hard, but also to play hard.

We’re always looking for people who, when they come to work, they are energized. We don’t have to motivate them. We don’t have to pump them up everyday. They come to work and they are excited about what’s going to happen and they take the bull by the horns, ready to make their mark on the world.

You can tell that by their enthusiasm, their passion, the way they speak to you about what they’re doing, even if it’s not electronics. Because most people in their early career don’t have the exact electronics background.

That’s okay. It’s is in their enthusiasm. Are they excited about who they are and what they want to be doing? That matters. So it’s not something you prepare for, but it’s something you project.

What to Expect in an Interview with Wurth Electronics Midcom

We are located in multiple places and you might be looking for a position in Watertown but one of the hiring managers might be located in another city. So one thing you might specifically want to be prepared for is a video conference.

It’s different when you do an interview face-to-face. You can see people and you can see their reactions, and we don’t want to miss that by doing a phone interview so we conduct video conferencing. The types of questions we ask really depend on the individual.

What is it that motivates them? Where is it they see themselves? What do they want to be doing?

Our job is not just to just find somebody to fill the position, it’s to find the right person for the right job.

Finding the Right Individual for the Right Job

At Wurth Electronics Midcom, we do what’s called a predictive index survey. The survey takes about 10 minutes, and there’s no preparation. It just gives us a look at individuals’ dominant characteristics.

So, say we find that someone is very social and they enjoy a very social aspect in life and expect that in their job. And we are hiring them to basically face a monitor 7 hours out of 8, and their interaction with others will be limited.

Can they do the job? Most likely. Will they be happy long term? No.

That’s what we’re looking for. So, someone can expect to do a predictive index, they can expect to talk a lot about themselves and also learn a lot about the company.

Positions Wurth Electronics Midcom is Looking For

We’re not just looking for salespeople, we’re looking for people who can build relationships. And sometimes being able to build that relationship requires a technical background or a technical understanding. That has been a little bit of a transition, looking for technical salespeople who can build relationships.

We’ve also started a new program for Associate Area Sales Managers, so it’s those people right at the beginning of their career. Maybe they’re fresh college grads., or individuals starting a new aspect of their life and their willing to learn, to come to Watertown for anywhere from 2-3 months and really learn the ropes on how we do things.

From an engineering standpoint, we’re looking for people who have speciality areas, whether it be power, digital, or LAN.

In addition to the specialists, we are looking for broad-skilled people who are able to cross-train a bit and understand both sides of the fence, which makes them better able to do their job.

The Best Way to Connect with Wurth

Our website is the best place to go. There’s the jobs and careers tab there that highlights all of our open positions. We also advertise through LinkedIn.

We’re always looking for individuals. They can send emails to Careers so they can get us their information and send us their résumé.

We are always happy to check that out because as we grow, we refer back to those resumes and phone screens where it might not have worked at that moment in time, either for them or for us, but down the road there have been fits.

As soon as we have a résumé, we do the initial scan and if it’s a match, we will put that phone call in and get the initial information we need.

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