Product Options for WE-PDF & WE-HCI

The WE-PDF series is available in two package sizes:

  • 10mm x 10mm x 4.5 mm
  • 10mm x 10mm x 6.4mm

Each package size carries a broad range of inductance values to provide the optimum solution for your application.

Overview of WE-HCI Series

The Wurth Electronics Midcom WE-HCI series is also equipped with flatwire and delivers the performance users need in their power supply. The available core materials are Superflux and WE-PERM, which characteristically have low core losses and high saturation currents. The HCI series parts are available in either a 7mm x 7mm package size or a 10mm x 10mm package size. They are rated up to 150°C.

Wurth Electronics Midcom also carries the WE-HCI series in an available 13mm x 13mm package size with three different profiles. The maximum saturation current is rated at 65A, and the operating temperature is rated up to 150°C, so it is often useful in high-temperature applications.

The WE-HCI 1890 series is one of the largest in the flatwire inductor series manufactured by Wurth Electronics Midcom. With its 18mm x 18mm package size and outstanding current handling capabilities, it is a top-of-the-line product for high-current DC/DC converters without external cooling. These parts have a temperature rating up to 125°C.

Summary of WE-PDF

Using flatwire technology, the WE-PDF series from Wurth Electronics Midcom can increase the efficiency of an application. The series is available in a low-profile 1045 package along with the standard 1064 size.

To learn more about high-current inductors with flatwire technology, check out the WE-PDF series available from Wurth Electronics Midcom. To watch the entire training video, visit our company page on

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