5 Things You Should Know for APEC 2016 by Lindsey Esche

APEC buzz is about, and I’ve been personally working on the 2016 plans since the day after APEC 2015! It is one of the most exhausting weeks of the year, but hands-down, one of the most fun for Wurth Electronics Midcom.

Some of you are APEC veterans, and some are newbies. APEC is coming around to Long Beach again, and I thought it would be fun and helpful to share with you my top tips for APEC 2016.

  • Monday night's social is the best time to be on the exhibition floor! Stop and have a beer at Booth #1, on us! We'll have FAEs on site to answer your questions, and Oktoberfest souvenirs to take home to your kids (or keep for yourself)!

  • We're starting the tech excitement on Saturday, when we're solving the Black Magic of Power Magnetics @ High Frequency in the Pre-APEC Workshop with PSMA and PELS. By the time we get done at the conference, you'll have a chance to hear from the engineers of Wurth Electronics at 14 different times—featuring 10 different topics! During the week, we'll be featuring training sessions from select IC houses at our booth, participating in Poster Sessions and Industry Sessions, and touring through technical tools during the Exhibitor Sessions. Check your conference bags for a complete schedule, or follow us on Twitter for a sneak peak!

  • Selfies are all the rage now, right? Post yours to Twitter wearing our Oktoberfest hat in front of our selfies wall in booth #1933. Mark it with #madhatter for a chance to win an iPad mini! You get bonus points for the number of people you can squeeze into the frame!

  • Power up! Have you ever wirelessly charged your phone? Try it at our Wireless Charging Café, just inside the exhibit hall door. We'll have our wireless coils inside the tables to charge up your mobile device, while you recharge your own batteries with a refreshment on us!

  • Take a step outside of the conference an enjoy the delicious cuisine and sights the city has to offer! Since 2013, APEC has been held in Long Beach. I have daydreamed about the tableside guacamole fresco at Tequila Jack's in Long Beach's Rainbow Harbor many times. I'll be coming in from South Dakota, where we'll likely be experiencing our fifth-consecutive month of snowy winter. The incredible view of the boats in the harbor at sunset will be warmly welcomed. (The mango margaritas are not bad either!)

I'm anxiously awaiting that California sun on my face this March! Can't wait to see you all there.

For more information on conference, please visit the APEC website. Follow Wurth Electronics Midcom on Twitter and like us on Facebook for exciting updates as we near APEC 2016 in March!

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