Integrated Device Technology (IDT) - Plug-and-Play Wireless Power Reference Kits Featuring Würth Elektronik Wireless Charging Coils

IDT's turnkey wireless power kits make integrating wireless charging easy, affordable and practical for a broad range of consumer electronics. The new Qi-compliant transmitter and receiver reference kits deliver plug-and-play ease of integration, enabling engineers to incorporate wireless charging capabilities into their designs in a matter of hours.

Based off IDT’s transmitting and receiving controller requirements, specific Würth Elektronik wireless charging coils and associated capacitors have been carefully selected to optimize efficiency for power transfer. In addition, based off the chosen coils, the foreign object detection (FOD) circuit has also been tuned properly.

FOD tuning has traditionally been an area of difficulty when designing a wireless power system - often requiring a deep understanding of the technology and lots of time spent in the lab. To make it easier, IDT took the guesswork out of the process by pre-configuring our wireless power reference kits to be Qi-compliant, and they use the Würth Elektronik coils and components on the board. With just a slight resistor value adjustment, proper FOD tuning can be achieved in most applications with very limited effort.

At this year’s APEC conference, in Long Beach, CA, visitors can experience a deeper explanation of the wireless power application. Visit Booth #1933 to hear the technical presentation, at no cost. Laurence McGarry, Product Line Director, and Robert Lawless, Field Applications Engineer, both from IDT, will present twice during the week: Monday, March 21 at 5:30 pm and Wednesday, March 23 at 10:30 am.

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