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13.08.2013 (Other Product News)

Three Reasons to Work at an International Electronics Design Company

We are growing and looking for talent to add to our team. Learn why you want to work for Wurth Electronics Midcom, an international design company.

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08.08.2013 (Other Product News)

Interview and Hiring Tips for Electronics Job Positions

It's hard to prepare for interviews. Learn how to be prepared and know what to expect going into an interview with an international electronics design company.

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06.08.2013 (Other Product News)

Webinar: Selecting RF Inductors

In this webinar, Hebberly Ahatlan will teach you how to select RF inductors for high frequency designs using our free software.

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25.06.2013 (Other Product News)

2013 Electronics and Automation Expo

The Electronics and Automation Expo is a must see event for all electronics designers and manufacturers. We sat down with David VanHaver of Wurth Electronics Midcom to hear about the Expo in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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