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18.08.2016 (Other Product News)

Introduction to Aluminum Capacitors: Traditional Electrolytic vs. Polymer

In this blog series, we will look at the difference between the two main types of aluminum capacitors: traditional electrolytic and solid polymer. Read on to learn the most important factors in comparing aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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20.06.2016 (Wireless Power, Other Product News, Building Bridges)

Wireless Power Standards: The Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) vs. the AirFuel Alliance

In this blog post, learn the main differences between the three main wireless power compliance standards, and see how the AirFuel Alliance stacks up to Qi.

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02.04.2016 (Other Product News)

APEC in a Nutshell: Recap of Wurth Electronics Midcom at APEC 2016

Were you able to attend the APEC in Long Beach, CA, this year? Here's a recap of Wurth Electronics Midcom at APEC 2016. We had such a blast!

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07.03.2016 (Other Product News)

Wurth Electronics Midcom Transformers in G.FAST Modems

G.FAST is the latest approved broadband DSL standard which is poised to bring fiber-like internet speeds to consumer residences at an affordable cost to the masses.

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04.03.2016 (Other Product News)

Ten Reasons Why We’re (Booth) #001 at APEC 2016

Attending APEC 2016 in Long Beach, California? Booth #001 is waiting for you.

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03.03.2016 (Other Product News)

GLEANERGY: Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Node Development Platform

We partnered with Linear Technology on the "Gleanergy” platform to demonstrate the ability to utilize one, or multiple ambient energy sources.

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23.02.2016 (Other Product News)

Hidden Gems at APEC 2016

APEC is more than just an exhibition for us. It’s an educational conference. Here’s what you’ll learn from Wurth Electronics Midcom at APEC 2016-- off the exhibition floor.

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09.02.2016 (Other Product News)

5 Things You Should Know for APEC 2016 by Lindsey Esche

APEC is coming around to Long Beach again, and Lindsey thought it would be fun and helpful to share with you my top tips for APEC 2016. Follow Wurth Electronics Midcom on Twitter and like us on Facebook for exciting updates as we near APEC 2016 in March!

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15.09.2015 (Other Product News)

What Is SHDSL And Where Is It Used?

SHDSL is the best technology available in the Telecom market when it comes to high data rate requirements on long copper lines. To learn the ins and outs of this technology, we interviewed Swaroop Vaidyanath, Product Manager for Telecom Products. Here is what Mr. Vaidyanath had to share.

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10.09.2014 (Other Product News)

Now Available! Transformer Safety eBook

How does safety impact transformers? Get the new eBook to see how safety standards affect size, cost and performance of transformers.

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