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23.04.2014 (Other Product News)

Typical Applications for RF Inductors

Now that we’ve covered a general overview, the materials used, and the importance of the Q factor in RF Inductors, our blog series continues with typical applications for these inductors.

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09.04.2014 (Other Product News)

What Materials are Used for RF Inductors?

Now that we’ve covered a general overview of RF Inductors, our blog series continues with the materials that are used in these inductors.

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02.04.2014 (Other Product News)

What are RF Inductors?

Do you want to learn more about RF Inductors? In this series of blog posts, we will illustrate the importance of RF Inductors, their uses, types, and more.

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15.01.2014 (Other Product News)

Wurth Electronics Midcom to attend DesignCon 2014

We are excited to attend DesignCon 2014 to feature three brand new product series and a lot of extended sizes to existing lines. We look forward to meeting local customers and partners who stop by our booth at this conference.

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19.12.2013 (Other Product News)

Wurth Electronics Midcom Gap Calculator

We are excited to announce the launch of the Wurth Electronics Midcom Gap Calculator tool. The Gap Calculator tool provides an easy way to quickly calculate the gap length once the desired AL value and the package are known.

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12.12.2013 (Other Product News, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Safety in Electronics Design

The affect of insulation requirements is significant enough to change the form factor, performance, cost, and of course, reliability of the transformer. This post will discuss safety considerations in electronics design.

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14.11.2013 (Other Product News)

Webinar: Power Factor Correction Chokes

Do you want to learn more about Power Factor Correction Chokes (PFCs)? You can learn all about them in our webinar highlighting PFC Chokes on Tuesday, November 19 at 2:00pm CST.

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07.11.2013 (Other Product News)

Feeling 'more than you expect' through IC Houses

Learn how we at Wurth Electronics Midcom work with partners to develop new technology that answers problems faced by our customers. Magnetics are critical, and we need to be part of that development.

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15.10.2013 (Other Product News)

International Ecommerce Trends in Electronics Manufacturing

The differences in manufacturing trends between the geographical regions are quite easy to analyze. Here at Wurth Electronics, we see that our customers in the US and Asia have more of a tendency to embrace ecommerce business. This article will teach you more about international trends in the electronics industry.

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08.10.2013 (Other Product News)

How Electronics Distribution has Changed in the Past Ten Years

Ecommerce is the dominating factor in the distribution area. 10 years ago, the focus was on having a large product catalogue that showed every product. Now, the focus has changed to having a website or a web shop. Learn how Wurth Electronics and our partners are adapting to this change.

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