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21.07.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Coupled Inductors Series Overview

This post will explain which coupled inductor families are available from Wurth Electronics Midcom.

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14.07.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Coupled Inductors for SEPIC Converter Applications

This post will explain the applications, functionality, typical layout, and benefits of a SEPIC converter.

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15.06.2015 (Wireless Power, Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight)

Introduction to Wireless Power Charging Coils

Learn all about the wireless power transfer principle, plus Wurth Electronics Midcom's own selection of transmitter and receiver wireless coils.

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06.06.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Placing and Selecting the Proper Ferrite Bead

Learn how to place and select the best ferrite bead for ringing control in switching converters.

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02.06.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Selecting and Using Ferrite Beads for Ringing Control in Switching Converters

Read an introduction to selecting and using ferrite beads for ringing control in switching converters.

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12.05.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Class D Amplifiers: Selection of Passive Components

In our fifth and final post on Class D amplifiers, discover why it is crucial to select high-quality capacitors for Class D filters.

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05.05.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Class D Amplifiers: Dimensioning and Calculating the Filter

Learn how to corrctly dimension and calculate the output filter for Class D amplifiers.

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28.04.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Class D Amplifiers: Requirements for MOSFETs and drivers

This post on Class D amplifiers explains the requirements for MOSFETs and drivers.

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21.04.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Class D Amplifiers: How Do They Work?

Learn the step-by-step process of how class D amplifiers work.

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14.04.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Passive Components for Class D Amplifiers: Efficient Amplification

Read an introduction to passive components for Class D amplifiers, including their relation to modern technology and their most important benefits.

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