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17.02.2015 (Power Magnetics)

Fly-Buck™ Power Supplies Reduce Size and Cost

Two major advantages of the Fly-Buck™ topology are its small size and low cost.

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10.02.2015 (Power Magnetics)

The Black Magic of Fly-Buck™ Technology

Discover how Wurth Electronics Midcom is spearheading the Fly-Buck™ technology with innovative tranformer development and design tools.

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03.02.2015 (Power Magnetics)

What Is Fly-Buck™ Technology and Why Use It?

Learn what Fly-Buck™ technology is, where it is used, current trends in the technology, and when not to use it.

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03.11.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Smart Metering Essentials

Modern meters are complex computers, requiring a set of functions often unique to each application. Magnetics are needed for metering essentials - power, signal and communication, and EMC components.

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20.10.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Power Applications

For power applications, differential mode suppression and common mode suppression are needed. See how bifilar and sectional windings compare for supressing signals.

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16.10.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Running Common Mode Simulations

Running any kind of simulation will require different variations of what a common mode choke can do, particularly when looking at bifilar and sectional designs.

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13.09.2014 (EMC Components, Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight)

How Common Mode Chokes Work

Examine the function and operation of a common mode choke and the way it reduces unwanted interference.

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07.08.2014 (Power Magnetics)

How Safety Affects Power Transformer Performance

Safety impacts transformer performance through leakage inductance, coupling, and efficiency.

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30.07.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Adding Up the Costs of Power Transformers

Transformers vary due to several factors including wire, insulation, and bobbins with each varying part contributing to the overall cost. The following factors add up some of the key costs to consider.

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22.07.2014 (Power Magnetics)

What Safety Standards should be your concern with a Transformer Design?

When designing an offline flyback power supply, integrating the IC with the other components can be overwhelming. Integrating the transformer properly is more than finding the turns-ratio to match with your input and output(s).

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