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16.07.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Insulation's Effect on Power Transformer Size

There are three main types of insulation in a transformer – functional, basic, and reinforced. Each insulation type will have a different impact on the transformer’s overall size. Which one is right for your design?

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10.07.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Power Transformer Safety Needs: Creepage, Clearance, and Insulation

Transformer safety needs depend upon the creepage distance, clearance distance, distance through solid insulation and the dielectric withstand voltage needed for each design. These factors vary for each design and can be determined by the end application.

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20.05.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Question and Answer Session About PFCs

Now that we’ve learned about the important factors for Power Factor Correction Chokes, to conclude our PFC blog series, here are some general questions and answers.

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13.05.2014 (Power Magnetics)

What Are My Options for Power Factor Correction Topologies?

In our past five posts, you have learned what a PFC is, what uses they have, the mathematical definition, why they are needed, and which one is best for you, so now you will learn what your options are.

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06.05.2014 (Power Magnetics)

What Type of PFC is Best for Me?

In our past four posts, you have learned what a PFC is, what uses they have, the mathematical definition, and why they are needed, so now you will learn what type of PFC is best for you.

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29.04.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Why Are Power Factor Corrections Needed?

In our past three posts, you have learned what a PFC is, what uses they have, and the mathematical definition, so now you will learn why these Power Factor Corrections are needed.

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22.04.2014 (Power Magnetics)

The PFC Definition as a Mathematical Definition

In our past two posts, you have learned what a PFC is and what uses they have, so now we will define it from a mathematical perspective.

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15.04.2014 (Power Magnetics)

What are the Uses for a PFC?

Now that you learned in our last post about the definition of PFC Chokes, we can delve into the uses for them.

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08.04.2014 (Power Magnetics)

What is Power Factor Correction?

The goal of Power Factor Correction is to maximize the real power available for the circuit and reduce harmonics. In this series of blog posts, we will illustrate the importance of Power Factor Correction Chokes, their uses, types, and more.

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07.04.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Are Flybuck Transformers the ‘new’ Flyback Transformers?

One of our employees, Anoop Chadaga, was a guest blogger for Texas Instruments about Flybuck transformers. Here is a secion of his guest blog.

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