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07.04.2014 (Power Magnetics)

Flybuck Makes Multi-Isolated Bias Output Design Easy

A guest blog on Flybuck technology from Texas Instruments' Strategis Markeing Manager,Wei Liu.

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08.12.2013 (Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight)

Switch Mode Power Supply Topologies Compared

Even with the disadvantages of being more complex and requiring more care to control EMI, the advantages of switch mode power supplies far outweigh linear power supplies in all but a few niche applications.

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11.11.2013 (Power Magnetics, EMC Components, Electronics Insight)

Common Mode Signals vs. Differential Mode Signals

Understanding the difference between common mode signals and differential mode signals is extremely important, as we need to know what the circuit requires to reduce noise.

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27.08.2013 (Power Magnetics)

Texas Instruments Case Study

IC Manufacturer Texas Instruments came to Wurth Electronics Midcom and asked us to create an isolated power supply for a chip that would work with their communication controller. Read on to learn more about this case study.

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