Selecting and Designing with MagI3C Power Modules


MagI3C Power Modules (Magnetic Integrated Intelligent IC) from Würth Elektronik eiSos afford the system designer a highly integrated switching power supply with high power density, very low external component count and excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) characteristics.

The VDRM (Variable Step Down Regulator Module) family, are step-down or “buck” regulators that contain the control circuitry, power MOSFETs, the output inductor and several discrete resistors and capacitors within a molded package and a metal substrate.

The packaging is based on the industry standard TO-263 and reflects the concept of using these modules as if they were linear regulators. By following the selection and simple design procedures outlined in the application note, the user can employ a MagI³C Power Module and be assured that it will work as easily as a linear regulator, but with much higher efficiency.

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