Texas Instruments & Würth Elektronik

Texas Instruments is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company, operating in 30+ countries and serving over 100,000 customers worldwide. TI offers a broad and diverse portfolio of analog and embedded processing products and addresses challenges customers face today during system development.

Reference Designs

Texas Instruments publishes tested reference designs in order to help customers solve their design problems. Over 20,000 Würth Elektronik components are listed on more than 1000 TI reference designs. Select your TI IC and find the suitable passive components of Würth Elektronik.
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Highlight Designs

We have selected some Texas Instruments highlight designs for different kind of applications.
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Featured Collaborations

Our partnership goes even beyond reference designs, We organize joint webinars, RoadTests and technical demonstrations.
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TI’s product portfolio is centered around Analog and Embedded Processing products which function complementary to Wuerth Elektronik’s passive components. There are many benefits for our customers of this long-lasting collaboration such as simplified system-level design, higher level of innovation or ultimately lower cost.

> Stefan Bruder, Director Sales & Apps - Central Europe at Texas Instruments <