Power Logic Modul

Dimensions: 102x60x38 mm
Weight: 110g* (* without fuses and relays)
Order Code: ICS-95897


  • 12V or 24V system available (Ref.: ICS-95897_12V or ICS-95897_24V)
  • 2 power relay bases
  • 9-way relay base for Micro ICCS or ICCS Micro CAN, which controls and commands two power relays
  • Fly wheel diode (SM4007) in parallel of relay coil
  • Green LED indicator (modes to be programmed in Micro ICCS)
  • 1 maxi fuse holder
  • 4 power elements for input/output
    • 2 power elements per circuit
    • Circuit 1 is composed of 1 power relay protected by maxi fuse and 2 power elements
    • Circuit 2 is composed of 1 power relay, 2 power elements and is not protected
  • Cable harness connection on the rear side of the module via JPT/MCP compatible: 3-row, 6- way connector


  • By using Micro ICCS, any logical functions requesting up to 4 digital inputs, or 3 digital inputs and 1 analogue input can be achieved (i.e. time delays, combinations, voltage level detection, etc.).
  • By using ICCS Micro CAN, the module can directly handle CAN orders or accomplish logic locally in addition to CAN information (i.e. proximity sensor, voltage level detection, etc.).