Traffic Regulation Module (TRM)

Dimensions: 102x82x34 mm
Weight: 300 g (without fuses and relays)
Order Code: ICS-95873


  • Power supply 12 V or 24 V
    • permanent over battery (+Bat) max. 90A
    • after contact over ignition (+IGN) max. 35A
  • Relay bases for
    • 4 micro relays
    • 4 mini relays
  • 2x 9-way relay bases for flasher unit, wiper, programmable relays etc. (pin assignment free programmable)
  • 1 pluggable bridge for relay combinations
  • 18 ATO fuse holders (up to 15A)
  • Cable harness connector on the rear side of the module (JPT/MCP compatible, 3 row connector)
  • On-board fuse tester


For all the mandatory and optional functions in vehicles such as front and rear lighting, flashers, hazard warning lights, horn, wash/wipe, work ights, radio, clock etc.