Update: Current effects of the coronavirus on Würth Elektronik CBT

Update from 20.03.2020

Thomas Beck, Managing Director Sales and Marketing

Dear Sir or Madam,

The effects of the corona pandemic are spreading throughout the world and public life is increasingly being brought to a standstill. In this situation, it is a top priority for us at Würth Elektronik CBT to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and to structure our business operations as well as possible in order to remain reliable and to be able to deliver to you as our customer.

We would like to answer a few questions below.

What protective measures have been initiated?

  • Implementation of strict protective measures and hygiene regulations for all employees.
  • Shift handovers in production are no longer carried out personally. The shifts are instructed not to have any personal contact with their colleagues on the counter-shift, even outside of shift times.
  • The colleagues from the administration department work alternately in the factory or in a home office according to a fixed schedule.
  • Business trips, travel, external training, and the organization of or participation in events, trade fairs and conferences are prohibited until further notice.
  • The reception of visitors in our factories is reduced to the absolutely necessary.
  • Implementation of strict hygiene regulations in the canteen, as well as prescribed, separate canteen usage times for administration and production.
  • Strict rules of conduct when handling goods delivered from risk areas.

Is the production running? If so, with what capacity?

  • The production at our locations in Germany runs at a capacity of 100%.
  • Due to increased incoming orders in recent weeks, delivery times have increased. Therefore please note our order confirmations.
  • The majority of the factories of our Asian partners now have 80% to 100% of their production capacity again.

Are there problems with transport and logistics?

  • The transport situation within Germany is stable so far. At the border crossings to neighboring countries, delays may currently occur due to stricter controls.
  • In Asia, there are currently sporadic logistics bottlenecks, as production has restarted in Asia and the flow of goods has increased. Due to the reduced flight and ship capacities, slight delays may occur here. Freight rates from China have also risen dramatically. This may lead to freight cost adjustments in the future.
  • Nevertheless, the delivery situation from Asia has stabilized and we receive regular deliveries of goods. If there are however, any restrictions in logistics and therefore you cannot be supplied on time, we will of course inform you.

Is the supply of raw materials and supplies to the factories secured?

  • As things stand at present, the supply of raw materials and supplies to the German factories is secured for the near future by increasing inventories.
  • Our Asian partners are also provided with raw materials and supplies. Only in the case of high-frequency material are there isolated bottlenecks.

Are there any open questions? Then we are at your disposal by phone and via digital communication channels (email, online meetings, online shop, webinar, etc.) so that we can stay in touch with you even in the current situation. You are welcome to send us all enquiries and orders through the channels you are familiar with.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperative partnership in these difficult times for us all.

Yours sincerely,

Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Thomas Beck

Managing Director Sales and Marketing