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Thermal management of printed circuit boards

Using components with high power dissipation generates heat. This heat must be reliably dispersed in order to guarantee that the application continues to function well. Würth Elektronik specialises in thermal management for printed circuit boards and develops bespoke solutions. Whether you are currently in the phase of finding ideas or already have a finished circuit board or assembly: we can support you with the right tools!

Thermally optimised PCBs

Production of thermally optimised printed circuit boards

Thermal simulation

Analysis and thermal optimisation of the PCB layout or an existing PCB


Analysis and thermal optimisation of an existing printed circuit board

We offer you:

  • Design and production of thermally optimised printed circuit boards

We offer you:

  • Simulation reports
  • Recommendations for thermally optimising the PCB layout

We offer you:

  • Thermography reports
  • Recommendations to optimise the design of your assemblies

You can contact us:

  • In the idea and conception phase

You can contact us:

  • In the design, layout and fine-tuning phase

You can contact us:

  • During prototyping, in the fine-tuning phase and in series planning

What we do for you:

  • Combination of modern printed circuit board technologies and effective component cooling
  • Combination of horizontal and vertical heat dissipation

What we do for you:

  • Thermal assessment in the layout phase
  • Determining the printed circuit board’s performance
  • Identification of thermal vulnerabilities
  • Design changes can be made in the development phase

What we do for you:

  • Detection and evaluation of hotspots in printed circuit boards/assemblies
  • Deriving optimisation possibilities
  • Determination of the surface temperature of the printed circuit boards
  • Check for serial production suitability

We are happy to advise you!

Our heat management specialist, Bert Heinz, is happy to advise you on the respective tools.

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