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  Design Guide Plugging-Filling-Tenting Design Guide Multilayer PCBs, Flex-Rigid, Microvia HDI, Thermal Management, Wire Bonding, Printed Polymer, Embedding Technology 1,387KB [icon]  
  Delivery Specification Delivery Specification Multilayer PCBs, Single-/Double-sided PCBs, Flex-Rigid, Microvia HDI, Thermal Management, Lasercavity Technology, Samples and Prototpyes 2,909KB [icon]  
  High-performance Printed circuit boards system Application Note Microvia HDI, Thermal Management 844KB [icon]  
  The clever heat management concept: Application Note Thermal Management 901KB [icon]  
  Thermal Management Standard Design Rules Design Rules Thermal Management 77KB [icon]  
  PCB for high temperature automotive applications Application Note Thermal Management 3,318KB [icon]  
  Heat sink circuit boards used in aircraft “hybrid” lighting (LED technology) Application Note Thermal Management 2,152KB [icon]  
  Modular Power LED light strip for linear lighting for tough industrial environments Application Note Thermal Management 2,483KB [icon]  
  Heat management of circuit boards Tec Report Thermal Management 501KB [icon]  
  Poster: Thermal Management Design Guide Design Guide Thermal Management 829KB [icon]