Our Service


  • Customer specific adaptations and samples within 48h
  • Broad range of different core-/wire dimensions available  
  • Below quantity orders possible  
  • Customer support on site  
  • Own tooling and sample shop
  • Smooth exchange of CAD files (Solid Edge)


We do not only want to react, but rather be proactive together with you.This enables us to avoid expensive solutions.
Our target is to work with you on new projects from the very beginning to be able to suggest proposals that can be used for series production. So we are able to reach a cost optimized design together - Processes, that are difficult to control as well as expensive, can be avoided (process reliability)!

More INNOVATION through  

  • Continuous development of existing technologies  
  • Permanent improvement of existing products  
  • Continual expansion of the product portfolio  
  • Advanced development in cooperation with customers