Smart Transformer Selector Now Integrated with STMicroelectronics' eDesignSuite

Two of the most helpful product selection tools have joined together to make electronic designing and selection a breeze. In 2015 Wurth Electronics Midcom launched the Smart Transformer Selector (STS), an online tool for searching and selecting flyback transformers. Now, in 2017 we are excited to announce that Wurth Electronics Midcom has joined forces with STMicroelectronics and their well-known online tool, eDesignSuite.

eDesignSuite, for those that don’t know, includes a smart simulator and design engine to create solutions including power conversion SMPS among other applications. Now you can choose custom transformers off the shelf for your isolated flyback power supply designs. With the integration of the STS, eDesignSuite will link to the STS database and help the engineer select the best transformer for their design.

Interested to see how these two tools work together? Wurth Electronics Midcom and STMicroelectronics will be doing a live demonstration at APEC in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Stop by the Wurth Electronics booth (#811) on Monday, March 27 at 5:30pm to see a live demonstration, at no cost!

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