Corona Virus

Dear customers,

Now that the increased travel activity in China has started again and many people have returned to the metropolitan areas, we would like to share our current knowledge with you at this point. According to the information available to us, an official approval of the "Security Supervision Office" is necessary for the planned start of operations in the companies. This means that companies must submit an application for the start of operations and an official representative will visit the company and can grant or deny the release.

According to the information available to us, many companies have not yet received this approval for the start of operations on February 10, 2020. This has the effect that we must currently assume that there will be restrictions for at least another week until February 17, 2020. If there are restrictions in the production of the Asian factories and therefore you cannot be supplied on time, Würth Elektronik treats the current outbreak of disease, classified by the WHO as an international health emergency, as a case of force majeure.

We are in close contact with our teams in Asia and are constantly re-evaluating the situation according to the latest information.

Currently we are trying to serve all confirmed orders through our existing warehouses and stocks. As the current situation can unfortunately only be evaluated at very short notice and the extent of the overall situation is very difficult to estimate, we ask you to take into account delays in the delivery of our products and to include these in your planning.

Our supply chain management, productions and also our sales department are working on solutions to compensate the current situation in the best possible way and to avoid noticeable delays.

If you have any questions, please contact the responsible colleagues in the sales departments.