FESTO Elite Supplier Award 2012 for Würth Elektronik

For outstanding product and delivery services FESTO AG & Co. KG has awarded the German PCB manufacturer, Würth Elektronik, the Festo Elite Supplier Award.

The honor is only awarded to companies that exceed the high standards of quality and service which the Group demands.

Since 2010, Festo AG & Co. KG has introduced a rating system for their suppliers (Supplier Rating System, SRS). This system provides a transparent and consistent measurement of supplier performance.

Only those who achieved at least 95 points (out of 100) in the evaluation were included into the group of elite suppliers. Not only logistics and quality were among the important evaluation criteria in the rating system, but also delivery performance, the rate of shortages and complaints and the supply of damaged goods.

Furthermore criteria such as the supplier’s environmental management systems and its performance in terms of innovation and technology expertise were assessed. If a supplier shows his outstanding performance over a full calendar year, the "Festo Elite Supplier Award" is in its reach.

From left: Dr. Claus Jessen (Head Product Supply / Festo), Andreas Gimmer (Managing Director / Würth Elektronik) and Peter Beil (Head of Global Purchasing / Festo) at the handover of the Festo Elite Supplier Award 2012

For 2012, Würth Elektronik received this award. The PCB manufacturer was commended because Würth Elektronik met the complete strategic and operational requirements of Festo through its outstanding products and delivery services.

"For us, this award is both an acknowledgement and an incentive," says CEO Würth Elektronik Andreas Gimmer.

"It shows that our methods for ensuring high quality products and a reliable service are the correct strategic aim. However we are ambitious and we, of course, also want our high level of performance to be proven in the current year. That means we must remain creative, developing new products and solutions, and remain committed to supporting our clients. "

Würth Elektronik will continue to work hard, as Festo has already an-nounced to introduce an increase the points system in 2013. In the future, at least 97 points are required to be awarded the price. "We will stay on it," promises Andreas Gimmer.