Application Handbook - The LTspice IV Simulator

1st edition: Manual, methods and applications

LTspice IV is an outstanding software application for its power, its calculation speed and the universality of its applications. This is THE software that must be used to produce high performance electronics in this century where demand for quality must go hand in hand with fast development!

For over 20 years, LTspice IV has been a direct descendant of this scientific and technical adventure. It is undoubtedly the fastest software, the most robust and most comprehensive of the electronic SPICE simulators. Unfortunately, the electronic Help file is the only documentation available. It is incomplete and far behind the development of the software. This book was designed to fill this gap!

The work, with a preface of Mike Engelhardt, is both a learning manual and a collection of applications detailing numerous procedures. With more than 470 illustrations and many examples, it is a precious and efficient tool for mastering the power and richness of LTspcie IV. The author Gilles Brocard has written this work providing detailed responses to the questions he has been asked the most frequently during the training sessions he presents.

Advanced users can start reading from Chapter 4 (Schematic editor); the beginner should start with Chapter 2 which explores the many files supplied during the installation of LTspice IV. The novice user can then focus on the application developed in Chapter 3. It demonstrates the main operation principles of LTspice IV. The five main editors of LTspice IV are explained in chapters 4 to 8. This is where the explanation of the running of the software begins. Then, all definitions and commands (called simulation directives) are detailed and illustrated by examples in chapters 9 to 11. Chapter 12 deals with downloading SPICE models and subcircuits as well as generating symbols to use them easily. Sources, passive, active and special components and their configuration are described in chapters 13 to 16. Chapter 17 & 21 deals specifically with inductors and transformers which have, in LTspice IV, a non-linear model with extended applications (taking into account the saturation and hysteresis). Chapter 18 focuses on the control panel, a real dashboard where all LTspice IV settings can be found. Chapter 19 is a collection of examples concerning various fields of electronics. This is followed by chapter 20 which answers the most frequently asked questions during the training sessions provided by this author of this book.

This work is intended for all electronics engineers who need to train themselves or deepen their mastery of LTsipce IV regardless of whether they are professionals in engineering firms or industry, teachers, students or engineering students.

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