New catalogue for assembly technique, switches and power elements

Würth Elektronik is releasing its new product catalogue for assembly technique, switches and power supply elements.

The product portfolio of switches includes DIP switches, rotary switches, tact switches and slide switches. Illuminated switches in SMD und THT are new additions.

In the area of assembly technique, which includes spacer studs, round spacers, spacers, cable holders, mounting tabs, battery holders, heat shrink tubes, spiral wrapping bands and cable connectors, you can see innovations in the area of battery holders, cable lugs and spacer studs in aluminum and stainless steel.

This edition of the catalogue includes for the first time a detailed dimensions table for spacer studs with all available standard lengths and diameters - as well as customer-specific articles.

In the area of power elements there is now a design kit that includes all power elements. Once purchased, the range is restocked indefinitely and free of charge.